Gangster Disciples

Also Known As:
• GD, GDN, 7-4, 7-4-14

• None, Folks Nation, Crips

• Latin Kings, Vice Lords, Mickey Cobras

• Wear blue and black
• Hat cocked to the right, right pant leg up
• Use hand signals and handshakes
• six pointed star, Heart with six wings, three pointed pitch fork aiming up

• Founded by Larry Hoover and David Barksdale on Southside of Chicago in 1968.
• GD arrived from two gangs- Gangster Nation (Hoover) and Disciple Nation (Barksdale)
• In 1969 Hoover and Barksdale combined forces and created the Black Gangster Disciple Nation instead of joining Jeff Fort and his Black P Stone Rangers.
• Larry Hoover stepped in with a vision and modeled Gangster Disciple like a corporation.
• In 1973 Larry Hoover was sentenced to LIFE in prison but still actively ran GD’s.
• In 1974 David Barksdale died from kidney failure and Jerome Freeman formed the Black Disciples as a separate organization.
• 1978 Hoover convinced other gangs to operate under one banner in prison, called them the Folks Nation.
• 1991 Black Gangster Disciple and Black Disciple (Freeman) went to war. BGD became angry and dropped the B. They went on to become largest gang in Chicago.

• Six beliefs- one for each point on the six point star. Love, life, knowledge, wisdom, life, understanding.
• D-Queen is a female GD
• The Gangster Disciples is a highly organized street and prison gang that operates under a paramilitary structure comprising of Boards of Directors, Governors, Regents, Coordinators and foot soldiers.
• Racial make-up of mostly Black but also Hispanic and White
• GD till the world blow

•  Illinois, New Hampshire, New York, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Kansas, Ohio and Colorado, Maryland

• All criminal activities
• Operates high intensity drug trafficking rings and network with Texas borderland drug gangs such as the Barrio Azteca and Mexikanemi.
•  The GD’s have hundreds of members in the U.S. military and those stationed in Fort Bliss have obtained easy access to whole sale drugs

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